PT Torino Kinetic Pants Perform in Style

Do one thing, and do it well.

For more than 50 years, specialization has been the name of the game at Italian luxury trouser maker PT Pataloni Torino.

Men’s pants are the beginning and the end of the brand’s offerings, from formal to smart casual pants as well as denim.

Research and development are matched step for step by tailoring and design. While offering a range of high-end men’s trousers in uniquely sharp styles, all PT Torino pants hinge on both superb materials and attention to detail. In fact, every season, PT Torino develops over 60 exclusive fabrics, 800 different shades and 50 styles, ensuring a pair exists to fit every man’s needs and wants in the one garment he wears day in and day out.

The game-changing new “Kinetic” line in particular bridges the gap between well-made (if not particularly innovative) dress pants and performance wear (which tends to feature smart design yet lacks a polished aesthetic).

With PT Torino’s Kinetic active pants, classic slacks pant have been reinvented for contemporary times: Made of poliammidica and elastane, these are simply the finest-looking wrinkle-resistant, UV-blocking, temperature-regulating, breathable trousers ever made.

Whether you’re traveling for work or handling business at home, PT Pantaloni Torino Kinetic pants are up to the challenge. They incorporate hidden ergonomic pockets for your essentials without giving off utilitarian cargo pant-vibes, and they can be rinsed and dried in 10 minutes, ready for your next appointment like a freshly tuned-up sportscar.

The racecar analogy is not figurative, either. Kinetic was designed with internationally-renowned automobile designer Fabrizio Giugiaro in partnership with Torino’s CEO Edoardo Fassino. They sought to combine their individual strengths into an exceedingly high-tech performance fabric to be used for the first time in making formal attire.

Spend one day in these pants, and you’ll agree they’ve succeeded. You can wear your Kinetics with a suit or with a shirt and a blazer and confidently head out to take on the world. PT Torino makes every last pair of its trousers to be comfortable yet professional all the same time—a rare feat for just about any garment, but one they’ve masterfully cracked the code on.

Founded in Turin by Pierangelo Fassino and now led by son Edouardo, PT (as it was known back then) evolved from a family wholesale fabric business into one of the world’s preeminent trouser makers. The label also offers designer women’s pants and denim.

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