Whites: Just For Men

June 6, 2017

The white tee is back, but this time it is all about the boys. There is a good reason that we all still wear the white T-shirt. Even though it is often overshadowed by suits and other pieces in a man’s wardrobe, it is something that he can wear with anything. Beyond that, it is classically American. The white tee is a wardrobe staple that is fresh and simple.

Though it began as a humble undershirt, fashion and film have turned this everyday staple into one of the most versatile garments. It is a fun piece that can be customized to create any look that you want. It is an absolute classic and a seriously simple staple piece for any man’s closet. They are very light, they can be considered casual, they require minimal effort, and they give a “clean” look. These secret gems can be worn with nearly anything!

Plain White by Raffi
Denim by J Brand
Blazer by Good Man Brand
Denim by AG

Whether you’re partial to the standard cotton crewnecks or the slouchy styles made popular by Calvin Klein, these styles are the ideal looks for men and their plain white tees!