The Perfect Fit @ Larrimor’s

August 1, 2011

Custom Suits Custom Shirts Larrimor's Pittsburgh
Dave, a lawyer in Pittsburgh, bought his first made-to-measure suit three years ago. He’s never looked back.

“Before, when I bought a new off-the-rack suit, colleagues would notice and say, ‘Nice suit. Is that new?’ Now, when I wear my made-to-measure suits, I receive compliments like, ‘Hey you look great, did you lose weight?’” says Dave. “And these days, knowing I look sharp and well put together gives me the boost in confidence I need to get through the day!”

Made-to-measure tailored clothing has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi.’ People do a double-take; they notice a positive difference but are unable to pinpoint what it is. According to David Lynn, a director of made-to-measure clothing, it’s all about the fit.

“My clients are often surprised by how much better their made-to-measure clothing fits their unique body shapes. Adjusting a coat for posture or shoulder slope, and increasing or decreasing a shoulder line to accommodate broad or narrow shoulders are some of the most enlightening adjustments made-to-measure offers,” explains Lynn. “When a coat is balanced front-to-back and the shoulder line is executed correctly, it becomes a very different visual and wearing experience.”

It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to get properly measured for a made-to-measure garment, either in the store or in your home or office. It takes any-where from two to 10 weeks for delivery, depending on the designer.

Custom dress shirts are another easy way to increase the ‘wow’ factor. By taking your exact chest, cuff and shoulder measurements, tailors can give you a slim look (minus all the excess fabric that can sometimes make your midsection look like a balloon) without constraining you. Once you’ve decided on a French or barrel cuff, made-to- measure specialists will select a collar style that best suits your face shape, and will also find colors and patterns that complement you.

With interest in slimmer-fitting clothing continuing, made-to-measure options can get the ‘new fit’ trim enough (or full enough) for each individual body type. But the benefits go beyond the fit factor. Having the opportunity to select from a wide variety of fabrics and to personalize your suits and shirts can be a big bonus in the workplace and can set you apart from the ordinary pinstripes down the hall—God forbid you walk into the office in the same exact suit as your boss, or worse, your arch rival.

This season, opt for a made-to-measure, travel-friendly suit or a stylish sport coat in intricate or bold hounds tooth patterns. And don’t forget to complete the look with a new custom dress shirt made just for you.

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