The “IT” Brit Girl

September 26, 2017

American women have long coveted French girl style; but in Britain, theirs more to look effortlessly than red lips and tousled bangs. Here is a break down to “The It Brit Girl” style.

Brit girls dress first and foremost for themselves and for other women- rarely do they dress for men. Expressing their creativity through the way that they dress is very important to them. Think street style fearless dressing Kate Moss. She favors oversized silhouettes, bombers, and oversized knits.

Brit girls are adventurous when it comes to fashion, they always tend to have their own personal style. An example is the London shows at Fashion Week, think theatre and grand drama. The most adventurous are those of McQueen and Burberry with live music, storms, and rain.

Here in the States, our eccentric style icons range from The Rolling Stones to Alexa Chung all the way to newcomers like Millie Bobby Brown. They all know their personal style creating trends, not following them. Create your own trend!

We have a rich cultural history, in art and music. Brit style is a reflection of that with because they mix styles of prints and colors. They are bold and unique. They are not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

The main thing that sets Brit girls apart is their willingness to accept new trends- both in fashion and beauty. They have a great high street which allows them to test out new things without fully committing which makes them more experimental.

It’s a new era in fashion and there are no rules.