Thankful For You

September 1, 2017

Larrimor’s historic journey began in Downtown Pittsburgh with the vision of two men, Harry Slesinger and Larry Morris. Today, their legacy and timeless influence can still be felt by generations of customers, employees, designers and community partners who have been members of Larrimor’s extended family throughout our long history.

Our community is our home. It is the embodiment of where we live, work and play. And it deserves the very best we have to offer. Because of you, we are learning to be better merchants and bring you what you love in a variety of ways. You choose how to interact with us in the 21st century whether it be online, in-store, or on social media. We will write to you, email you, call you, or text you; our DNA is helping you in our store.

Larrimor’s Pittsburgh
Larrimor’s Pittsburgh

Our personal shoppers will style you and you will shine! Get together with someone who gets you. Someone who knows your closet, your color palette or your plans for the big day as well as you do. Someone you can count on today, tomorrow … a year from now. Our personal shoppers are super friendly and can help with everything from a little fashion advice to a whole new wardrobe. Appointments are fun, fast and free—with zero pressure. It’s the ultimate shopping experience.

The Tailoring Experience
Closet Cleaning

Of course, there is more than one way to interact with us… by shopping online! Our online experience merges convenience and quality. We spend a lot of time making sure that our site is easy to navigate and understand. Our goal is to deliver your beautifully wrapped items quickly from the comfort of your own home. It is all about keeping our customers happy and creating a positive experience between us and you.

Katherine M from Madison, WI said

 I could not have been happier with my recent experience ordering jeans from Larrimor’s website! The clothing well packaged, shipped quickly and communication was clear throughout the entire process. On top of all that, when I opened my parcel, it included a nice handwritten note from an employee! That type of customer service and attention to detail is rare nowadays – I’m glad I was able to support a business that still cares about those sort of things. I will definitely be shopping from Larrimor’s in the future.

Home Deliveries

But let’s go back and talk more about being in the store. While online is more about convenience, the brick and mortar store is all about high touch customer service. It is about feeling and touching the garments and experiencing the different textures and fabrics. It is about gaining knowledge and advise from our trained team and expert tailors. Larrimor’s and its personal shoppers are the key differentiators in a very competitive market. It is a high touch customer experience in a beautiful setting with wonderful champagne. We are committed to making our customers happy and building long lasting relationships.

Tailoring is a precise art. It takes years of experience, a keen eye for detail and relentless dedication to excellence. No matter that each individual and each garment are different. The common thread is ensuring that perfect fit—every time, for any occasion.

Yasser R from Pittsburgh, PA said

I just had the pleasure of shopping for a suit in this store. Their staff is extremely professional and welcoming. I worked with Michael Daly, who was extremely knowledgeable with over 30+ years of experience. Left with a gorgeous suit, with tailoring included. I am very happy customer, will come again.

The Tailoring Process
The Tailoring Process

Thanks to our customers and our employees, Larrimor’s has prospered and grown for over seventy-five years. And with that success comes responsibility: to give back to the community and to the city that have given so much to us in return. Please consider doing the same whenever and wherever you can.

Giving Back to the Community