Proper Wedding Attire

July 14, 2017

Your summer calendar is packed with weddings, but figuring out what to wear for each one can be so daunting. Whether it’s traditional black tie or an out of the box theme, you want to look good but not upstage the bride. What’s a girl to wear?

The invitation is the first look into the wedding and can tell more than you think! The location is also a good tipoff on how to calibrate your special look.

At their core, dress codes are there to help you feel appropriate with the overall feel and vibe of the occasion. But there are some baseline principles to follow, regardless of what’s printed on the invite.


Perhaps the most classic wedding attire is black tie, or it’s twin… formal! While men get off easy with a tuxedo, women have to decide if they want to go traditional with a long gown or take a more modern approach. If you have to go with traditional, try to find a creative spin with your fabric choice. Try something from L’Agence.

Maggie Kern in L’Agence


You are good to wear a short dress or pants for cocktail attire, but don’t push the envelope too far. If the dress code requires cocktail and you choose a short dress, don’t go too short. To be a little modern, pair your dress with delicate gold jewelry and flat slides for a low-key vibe. Why not go for Escada?

Emma Mayes in Escada


What to do when the invitation says the time and place but nothing about the dress code? Start by doing your research. Make sure to check the wedding website for more suggestions or check out the venues Instagram for clues. By doing so, you will get a better idea of the style of the venue and be able to see what other guests have worn to past weddings. St John Knits never seems to fail!

Beth Marlowe in St John Knits

At the end of the day, you can never go wrong with a simple tailored dress with a classic heel or nice flat. The slip dress is a favorite this summer for its simplicity and versatility. And remember, you’d always want to be a bit more dressed up versus too underdressed for the occasion.