From Deep Within

October 31, 2017

It is something that comes from within you. It is a way to say who you are without having to speak. It is art and you are the canvas.

Fashion is something that we deal with every day. Even people who say they don’t care about what they are wearing choose clothes every day. What we choose to wear each and every morning says a lot about who we are and how we feel on that particular day.

I love fashion because it is an extension of my personality. It can tell what kind of mood I am in. It can tell people to back off or it can invite people in to show a softer side of me. Fashion gives me a certain amount of freedom and allows me to be who I want to be. For me, it is part of my life and happiness. It makes me smile, it inspires me, and it gives me hope for a better life. It opens my eyes and makes my dreams become a reality.

Angelina Jolie in St John

To be a great designer, one must have a signature in life. They must have a calling card uniquely their own. In the case of St John, that couldn’t be truer. My love for St John started very young, and not at all in the way that you’re probably imagining. My grandmother would always wear the most beautiful clothing. As a child, I would play in her closet and try on all of her beautiful jewelry and fur coats. When I started studying fashion, I knew that one day I too would want to be that “St John Grandmother”.

Angelina Jolie in St John

St John Knits are so fabulous for so many reasons. You can wear them for all occasions and they always look elegant and sophisticated. When I started working at Larrimor’s I learned that St John was not only for my grandmother, but I was able to wear it as well. The line has something for everyone, at any age, with any figure. If you travel, they are almost wrinkle-free and have such a style that you always look crisp.

With St John, you are never undressed and never overstated, the best part is you always look so glamorous in the garment