Forever AND Timeless

October 17, 2017

Since 1962, St John has become known for luxury craftsmanship and unique American designs. They are known for the innovative and extensive manufacturing capabilities of signature knits with a tremendous respect for the process. They use only the finest materials.

St John uses only the highest quality wool from suppliers that are known for their fine white wool with excellent strength and purity. Other luxurious novelty yarns are sourced from top European mills to meet the highest of standards. An innovative multi step process twists various yarns together to create exclusive blends. Knits made with these blends retain their shape providing structure along with ease.



Since 1980, in-house dyeing has been the standard. St John employs an exceptionally skilled chemist to create the vibrant and rich colors that they are known for. Only the highest quality pigments and dyes from the finest sources in the world are used in the dyeing process. Each garment is knit sequentially with their own yarn on an artisan knitting machine with the same cone of yarn to ensure consistency. Over the past 53 years, St John has remained consistent for this unique approach of creating fabric.



The master craftsmen create unique and opulent buttons inspired by the latest collections. These buttons are handcrafted with gilded 24-karat gold, gleaming rhodium and Austrian crystals for the one of a kind embellishments signature to St John. Finishing touches including crystals and paillettes are hand applied to each garment. Paillettes are signature to St John and are crafted on exclusive Swiss made machines. Austrian crystals made from glass cut with precise edges and angles provide radiance and dimension to the ornate pieces.



Join us at Larrimor’s for the St John trunk show on Thursday!