End of Season Football Recap…

February 11, 2017

I was so hyped for what was to come during the Super Bowl this past Sunday, but it was a big let down… But what is the real reason that everyone goes HAM with appetizer orders and cute football-themed party details?

The commercials, of course.

Unfortunately, this year it wasn’t so great besides the NFL babies growing into football stars. However, the past few years did not disappoint. In honor of last weeks big game, here is an end of season football recap of Super Bowl commercials that literally made our lives that much more entertaining.

Drake in 2016 — Technically this isn’t a throwback since his T-Mobile commercial just aired last year, but its been a while and I still get “Hotline Bling” stuck in my head.


Kim Kardashian West in 2015 — I am all for the reality star poking fun at her love of selfies in the T-Mobile commercial.

kim kardashian

Betty White in 2010 — Fact: I would watch back-to-back Snickers commercials starring Betty White all day long!

betty white

Britney Spears in 2001 — Because has there been a more iconic Pepsi commercial since her masterpiece?

britney spears

Michael Jordan in 1993 — Taking it back to ’93 when Michael Jordan, a noted fan of McDonald’s, was the king of the basketball court.

michael jordan

Michael Jackson in 1984 — A young Carlton channeling his inner Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial? Yes, please!

michael jackson