Designer Spotlight: Bandolier

January 13, 2017

HOLD PLEASE! Meet the latest hands-free device. Part cell phone case, part purse. The sleek cross-body Bandolier boasts luxe-looking materials plus two slots for an ID, credit cards, and some folded cash. No more digging through your bottomless bag to find your phone – or worse… leaving it behind!

Hands Free. Chic. Smart. Ready for anything!

Bandolier’s sophisticated style redefines mixing business with pleasure. It is the perfect accessory for a power luncheon, an all day music festival or a Hollywood premiere. Bandolier is the style savvy way to bring along the essentials without the bother of a handbag. It transforms your iPhone into a piece of wearable technology that will change your life. Stylish, smart and fun, Bandolier is the ultimate statement in chic utility allowing you to navigate the day’s adventures, free and easy. With its patented design, each Bandolier features two slots to accommodate credit cards, driver’s license and/or cash for true liberation from the necessity of carrying a handbag. Bandolier is the game-changing accessory that epitomizes high tech and high fashion.

Gigi Hadid with Bandolier
Gwen Stefani with Bandolier
Tracee Ellis Ross with Bandolier
Taylor Swift with Bandolier