Covetable Closets

October 3, 2017

From shoe walls to racks of luxe furs, these are the most enviable wardrobes of the best-dressed.

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
Princess Mia’s San Francisco loft was nothing compared to her Genovian digs- a palace, complete with a drool inducing closet. Remote-controlled drawers stuffed with diamonds? Check. A velvet lined cabinet to store tiaras? Check. A plus ottoman where you can plan your next outfit? Sign me up!

When it premiered in 1995, Clueless felt like a message from the near future of how we would soon be getting dressed. Cher Horowitz planned her outfits each morning using a virtual closet of tiny clothes and a computerized, doll-sized version of herself. Why, in 2017, this isn’t standard wardrobe technology is a mystery to me.

13 Going on 30
Jenna Rink had to grow up really, really fast, which meant trading in her neon 80’s clothes and crimped her for a sophisticated, grown-up wardrobe. But she also got a giant walk-in closet out of the deal, with an amazing rainbow-esque wall of shoes.

Gossip Girl
Blair Waldorf’s closet is a major fantasy: At 18 she owns more designer clothing than most people will touch by the time their 80. They’re also stored in a space bigger than the average bedroom, especially in New York City.

Sex and the City
A round-up of on-screen closets wouldn’t be complete without the most famous of them all. Carrie Bradshaw’s hallway-slash-closet was packed with designer dresses, more Manolos than you can count, and beautiful handbags. Did you see her Birkin collection? I couldn’t even dream up a closet that perfect!