Bobby Pin Hacks

July 11, 2017

Bobby pins. They are everywhere, except when you really need one. Seriously, check your bag or your desk drawer right now. I bet you found one! And they can do a lot more than just hold your hair back.

Did you ever realize that a bobby pin can pit cherries and olives? They can also serve as makeshift clothespins in a pinch. While we’re skeptical about some ideas, the internet is filled with plenty of bobby pin hacks for every occasion, and some of them are downright genius!

Pitting Cherries and Olives

Cherries are delicious but spitting out the pit can make eating them a hassle. Hold the bobby pin open so that the ends are on each side of the pit. When the ends reach the other side of the cherry, pull the pin through and the pit will pop out with it.

The Toothpaste Clip

You don’t need a gimmicky tube squeezer to get the last bits of toothpaste out of the container. A bobby pin works just as well at pushing the tubes contents to the top.

Mark your pages

Bobby pins are probably an upgrade from the old receipts that you are currently using as bookmarks. And they won’t fall out of the pages when you toss your favorite read into your bag!

Clip down a loose belt end

If your belt is on the roomier side, you might be stuck with a flapping belt end. (The absolute worst!) Luckily, there is an easy fix… Clip the belt end down with a bobby pin.

Tie Clip

If you use a dark colored bobby pin and hide the bumpy side, no one will know that tie clip is really just a hair accessory.